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Hockey Training Institute (HTI) offers career-changing opportunities. We are a co-ed hockey family where a group of young student athletes has a chance to get a real experience of what it is like to be part of something special. Our legacy is to create a unique group of hockey players from all around the world. Throughout our journey as a team, our players will become part of the program that develops, educates, prepares, and promotes players to the next level. The goal is to get each player into the NCAA or CIS, where student athletes become strong and independent individuals with bright futures in front of them. We will show you the way!!! 

With a positive attitude, great discipline, and willingness to go another step when no one else will, you can do great things.

HTI's professional coaching staff has an international background with a great experience in North America. We combine the North American and European styles of hockey where skill development and team systems are primary objectives.

Our team journey never ends -- our alumni are just as important to us as our prospects! At HTI, our program allows us to invite alumni to come back after they have concluded their studies. We offer you the opportunity to stay in our family and the game of hockey, and you will have a chance to help us build a program that will be on top of the world.

Hockey Family, where you “Get Better, Get Seen, Get Promoted”
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At HTI, our goal is to help you reach YOUR goals while preparing you to be successful at the next level of hockey and in life! HTI hockey staff members bring many years of hockey coaching/skill development experience, and our supporting staff is committed to helping you adjust to the new environment, assist you with your daily needs, and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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  • "I met Jenya in 2005, he was coaching the organization's boys team while I played on the organization's women's team. I did not have abundant contact with him that season, our contact was limited to a handful of ice practices and off-ice conversations. However, the quality of those few interactions was so immense that he changed me as a player, for the better. It changed my physical and mental game. The lessons he taught me are things I actively considered and applied throughout my college and European career. Those lessons pushed me to excel to be the best player I could be and I am so thankful for those that I am a proponent of Jenya all these years later. Given the minimal time I spent with him as player and the impact it had I would be excited to see the growth he can facilitate over a season or longer. Vermont University, NCAA D-I Alumni Assistant Coach Austrian Women's U-18 Team"

    Jacki Thode
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