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HTI Stars is the stepping stone on the way to the next level for inspiring hockey players. In women’s hockey, for most, the next step is the NCAA or the CIS, for some it is also competing for their national team in international competition.

Promotion needs to go hand in hand with the player development, as without the development the players are not going to be able to perform well enough in order to make a good impression on the scouts. When a player is ready to be showcased, promotion opportunities are needed to help that player get noticed.

Player Management 

With over 25 years of playing and coaching experience, HTI’s coaches have established many good relationships with the NCAA and CIS coaches. College coaches have a tough job recruiting, as it is time consuming with lots of travel, that’s why letting them know about a potential recruit helps them target their recruiting efforts. Our coaches contact the college coaches to let them know of our team’s upcoming games, send them game video and give references for the players they might be interested in.

HTI’s coaches spend numerous hours educating the Stars’players about the recruiting process and what the NCAA and CIS coaches are looking for. It is important to help the players, as well as their parents, understand how to approach college coaches and what important detailsto address in the communication process.

Game Exposure

The Stars’ schedule is put together strategically with promotion opportunities in mind. Competitive tournaments, games against NCAA and CIS universities, elite prep schools, hockey academies and top U19/U20 teams across Canada and the US are all set up with the sole purpose of competing against the best competition, while also providing the best exposure for our players. NCAA and CIS coaches are in attendance at most of the games

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