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2022 Summer Camp
Camp Mission:
  • To offer an all-inclusive environment for rapid skill development.
  • To provide an elite skill-development and strength & conditioning program for young hockey players from around the world
  • To assist with career management advice
  • To create opportunities at the higher levels of hockey
  • To help create life-long friendships worldwide

Camp Details 

DATES: Week 1 - (July 11-17) - Training Camp (at HTI)
Week 2 - (July 18-23) - Training Camp (at HTI)
Hockey Training Institute campus
$1,200 CAD

: 2006-2008 & 2009-2012

**Players can be moved between groups in order to keep the level most competitive for everyone. This can be done at the discretion of HTI Staff**

Camp includes the following:

  • 6 days of on-ice and off-ice training 
  • Room and board at HTI
  • Transportation to all camp events
  • Professional coaches with collegiate and professional experience
  • HTI jersey and socks


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